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[ BP ] मराठी बीपी Marathi BP picture | Balak Palak | बीपी पिक्चर – BP Marathi : Hello friends, today we are going to get information about marathi bp i.e Marathi balak palak movie. Let’s know the complete story of how this movie is and who produced it.

This is a wonderful Marathi movie based on sex education. Sex education is not talked about much in India but these films have tried to give good information. There are very few films in this country that are sex educational or similar and this is one of the best. So let’s know the complete information about this movie. 

marathi bp video – balak palak film video

मराठी बीपी Marathi BP picture | balak palak cast 

Let’s see who is the cast director and other actors of Marathi BP मराठी बीपी . Actors – Sai Tamhankar, Kishore Kadam, Amrita Subhash, Subodh Bhave, Kishore Kadam, Madan Deodhar, Shashwati Pimplikar, Bhagyashree Shan Kapal Prathamesh Parab, Rohit Phalke. 

 The director is Ravi Jadhav, all the above actors have done this movie. The film revolves around the child actors Rohit Phalke Prathamesh Parab Madan Deodhar Bhagyashree Sakpal Shashwathi Pimplikar. All these are living in one chale, studying together and becoming friends with each other. 

marathi bp picture

Marathi BP picture – Balak Palak Storyline:

 Jyoti, a girl from their chala, runs away, so there is talk everywhere. Jyoti ate dung. All of them decide to find out what it means to eat dung. These searches mean that they even go as far as watching Marathi sex videos. They all come from a video store with that type of cd and they watch the picture. After that she watches such movies. 

 Vishal-Shekhar has composed the music for this film and the song Haravali Pakhare Haravali Pakhare is very famous. Mahesh Limaye has given the cinematography in this marathi bp picture movie. The popularity of this movie is known from the fact that this movie has collected crores in the first week at the box office and more than that in the second week. 

 Mumbai Film Production Company has produced Utung Thakur and Ritesh Deshmukh. Ganesh Pandit, Ravi Jadhav Amber Hadap has exhibited and written 2013. 

Prathamesh Biography 

 Prathamesh Parab is a Marathi hero who is enthralling everyone with his acting and was born on 29 November 1993. He played a small role in Baalak Palak, from where he played lead and other characters in films like Timepass, Timepass Two, Drishyam, Urfi Lalbagchi Rani,marathi bp picture – balak palak, Patis Persat Kathavar Pass.

His role as Dagdu in Timepass was very popular. Prathamesh was educated in Mumbai and graduated from Cross High School and ML from Dahane College. 

sai tamhankar

 Sai Tamhankar is a Marathi actress who is a great heroine in Marathi and Hindi films. Many of her Marathi films are popular. Sai is famous for playing bold roles. She has acted in many Marathi and Hindi films. Her movie Duniyadari was very popular and Sai got a lot of recognition in Maharashtra due to this movie. 

  • Name – Sai Tamhankar 
  • Born – 25 6 1986
  •  Mother’s Name – Mrinalini 
  • Father’s Name – Nandkumar
  •  Language – Marathi Hindi English 
  • Husband’s Name – Amol Gosavi 
  • Hunter, Duniyadari
  •  Birthplace – Sangli 
  • Current Location – Pune 

 Movie – Picnic 2018 Released

 Black and White 2018 Hindi ,Gajni 2008 Hindi, Bay Dune Sadechar 2009 Marathi,Mission Possible Marathi,Gajarachi Pungi 2012, Lagnachi Jab Gashth 2010 Zapatlela 2013 ,Palak Palak 2013,No Entry Ahead Danger 2012 ,Porbazar 2014 ,Time Please 2013 . Who Hi Re 2015 मराठी बीपी marathi bp picture – balak palak  .

marathi bp shot

Madan Deodhar 

Madan Deodhar started working in the film industry as a child actor and his Hindi film Mehek is his first film. He started his career with these films. His role in the 2009 film Veheer was very popular. He has also done Marathi films. He was born on 25 January 1994 in Mumbai. 

  •  Name * Madan Deodhar
  •  Date of Birth – 25 January 1994
  •  Religion – Hindu 
  • Cast – Brahmin 
  • Favorite Hobby – Photography 
  • Married – Single 
  • Favorite Color Black 
  • Favorite Food – Bread and Butter
  •  He has also acted in all languages ​​Bhojpuri Hindi Marathi. Some movies of Madan Deodhar – Veheer, marathi bp picture – balak palak , Nude, Allah Ke Bande, मराठी बीपी balak palak. 

bhagyashree shankpal

 Bhagyashree Shankpal is a Marathi actress. She started her acting from a young age. Balak-Palak is her first film in which she acted. 

 Name – Bhagyashree Sankpal

 Date of Birth – na 

 Place of Birth – Mumbai

 Education College Dahanukar College

Bhagyashree has acted Sudha in the serial. The name of that series is Fubaifu. 

 Rohit Phalke

 Rohit Phalke got an opportunity to act from childhood. He acted in the 2012 Marathi film Balak-Palak marathi bp picture  and also acted in another TV serial. Rohit has also acted in other Marathi films. Bey Doo has acted in the Marathi TV serial Daha. 

  •  Name – Rohit Phalke 
  • Birth Place – Mumbai
  •  Date of Birth – 10th October 1997
  •  Profession – Acting 
  • Height – 5.5 
  • Education dg College 
  • Favorite Hobby – Writing 

Rohit is not only an actor but also a writer and director. Rohit has written a film story called Dadu. It depends on the relationship between father and son. 

marathi bp video

 Shashwati Pimplikar 

Another actress from Baalak Palak marathi bp picture  is Shashwati Pimpalkar. She has acted in the films Baalak Palak as Dolly. Shashwati Pimpalkar has also worked in many Marathi TV serials. After Baalak Palak, she has acted in films like Headline.

 She has also worked in the TV serial Neighbor Neighbor Pakke Neighbor. Originally from Pune, Shaswati has now moved to Mumbai and completed her secondary education from Rosary High School in Pune and college from Fergusson College. 

Amrita Subhash

Amrita Subhash is a famous Marathi actress who has acted in many Marathi and Hindi films. She is the daughter of the famous Jyoti Subhash.

Amrita Subhash has played lead roles in many quality Marathi films and has won the hearts of the audience. She is also a classical singer. Amrita Subhash has acted in the films Gandha, Viheer, मराठी बीपी balak palak , Masala, Nital, Valu, Aji. He has also written a book called Sult. 

You can also find Marathi BP shot or Balak Palak movie on youtube. Go to youtube and just search marathi bp youtube and you will get information about this marathi bp film.

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