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 we see in this post Behosh meaning in English. Mini people talk about behosh world this is Hindi word but in India many people have language in Hindi so that talk with each other and they use word behosh .

this is Hindi word and many people who don’t know Hindi they have question in their mind what is the meaning of this word in English so we see the what is the meaning of behosh.

in this post and is synonymous anatomy and related word phrases.

Behosh in English

Unconsciousness. This is the meaning of this world. When people feel sick or they are feeling bad at that time they go into unconsciousness. At that time Hindi people or Indian people use behosh words.

Another meaning of behosh is t some people feeling in love at that time they feel like behosh or unconscious

Behosh hona meaning in English

When people felt unconsciousness or they go to in deep sleep at the time this word uses in Hindi behosh hona is a meaning of position of unconsciousness

Example of unconsciousness

My friend feels sick in the afternoon and they go into unconsciousness so many people fear this position. My teacher call a doctor.

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